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  • Who you are

    Public transportation, tourism, shopping, museums or related: AvanceCity integrates the whole cultural, leisure and every-day-life of your city.

    Enjoy, discover and experience it.

    What you need

    Get rapid, uncomplicated, cashless payment and access solutions for anything in your city.

    AvanceCity provides a precise analytical tool allowing you to track different group behaviors and to reuse data for your own purpose.

    How it works

    Our cash- & contactless system works with just a smartphone and smart cards. They are reloadable and the solution is fully operational on- & offline. AvanceCity is the fastest, easiest option for automated fare collection, ticketing, payment and access solution.

    Why to go with us

    Your cost-efficient, extendable, innovative, modular and secure solution, assured by our experience, proficiency and know how: our expertise, your benefit.