Avance Pay Access Control Technology at the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart
  • Access control system from Avance Pay successfully in use

  • Bern (3 July 2015 / 9: 00am) Organizers of the ATP World Tour tennis tournament in Stuttgart used an access control system based on smart phones from Avance Pay at this year's Mercedes Cup. It allowed authorized individuals to access to specific tournament areas, according to specified credentials.

    The CRM-based solution regulates entrance authorizations for players, coaches, officials, media representatives, guests and employees. It was managed, created and supplied - same as last year - by the Austrian-Swiss technology service provider eventData-services.

    The strength of the solution is that it enables the personalized combination of an individual's function and access rights, and may also be altered by the organizer at a later date. The accreditation team on site can allow guests access to preferred areas; or block players and their teams from any further usage following elimination from the tournament. More than 1,500 individual datasets were processed in this way.

    Like last year, passes were issued using ECP D printers which can process PVC cards in 124 x 85.60 mm format. Visual inspection of the color photos was made possible and enabled control of the different zones in areas not equipped with electronic verification devices.

    Automated checks of the accreditation and admission of athletes, coaches, press and officials to each area of the event was carried out by security personnel at critical access points using commercial standard smartphones equipped with Avance Pay software.

    Thanks to the automated updates, players and their teams only had authorized access to restricted areas while they were still in the competition. The accreditation of the eliminated players and their coaches was dynamically updated and the new access rights were registered automatically. This capability provides the security staff with official up-to-the-minute information regarding access control and increases the feeling of security and peace of mind for the players and their teams during the tournament.

    The Avance Pay patented NFC-based system is offline capable and continues to function in the event of an interruption in data communication. Access control remains fully functional and ensures trouble-free operation for players and organizers, even if the computer network on the event grounds is overloaded or fails. The use of commercially available NFC smartphones as control terminals delivers high reliability at extremely low hardware costs, as well as flexibility regarding the number and location of the terminals.

    About Avance Pay AG

    Avance Pay AG is a fast growing Swiss high-tech company that specializes in innovative, NFC-based solutions for major customers requiring mobile payment, mobile ticketing and mobile access technology. Avance Pay offers solutions for fast and secure contactless payments and the processing of transactions and solutions for access control.

    About eventDATA-services

    eventDATA-services provides CRM-based solutions for the management of registrations, accreditations and VIP guests at sports and live events, conferences and corporate events. Its rapidly growing customer base includes tournaments on the ATP World Tour, FIS races and exhibition centers, as well as event and advertising agencies and air shows.