A personal success story

Peter Danz, Heinz Bircher-Nagy and Peter Kronegger founded Avance Pay in 2011. However, the story of this relatively young company already began 15 years prior to that date. In those days, Peter Danz was writing software solutions for electronic transaction systems at Ascom. A few years later he met Heinz Bircher-Nagy there, and they have been working together closely ever since. Their skills complemented each other perfectly. Together, they launched various product solutions, for example, in the field of electronic ticketing. Peter Kronegger supplied them with the hardware required. All three held each other in high esteem, both professionally and privately. They were confident that they would be more effective and successful running their own company - and they were right.

The first patent
They filed the first patent In May 2011 and founded Avance Pay shortly thereafter. Since then they have been working intensively on product development, customer acquisition and developing the current team. Pleased, and with some pride, Peter Danz and Heinz Bircher-Nagy describe the heart of their company in this way: "We grew up with together with Cashless Payment. It was an exciting time back then, when we decided to start our own business with our business ideas. Today we are glad to have taken this step and are happy to have so many customers who trust us. "


Peter Danz, Founder, Managing Director Projects & Operations, Board Member

Peter Danz has over 20 years of industry experience, mainly in the field of electronic transaction systems. Most recently he was product manager of the e-ticketing platform of ACS Solutions Switzerland (Xerox, ACS, Ascom).


Heinz Bircher-Nagy, Founder, Managing Director Technology & Finance,
Board Member

With more than 12 years experience, Heinz Bircher-Nagy has extensive industry know-how. As Technical Project Manager, he was instrumental in the introduction of electronic ticket systems at ACS Solutions Switzerland (Xerox, ACS, Ascom).

Herbert Gartner, Business Angel, VRP

Herbert Gartner is a successful high-tech multi-entrepreneur. He supports numerous high-tech startups as a business angel.


Michael Hemmelmayr, Managing Director Marketing & Sales, Board Member

As a trained F & B Manager and catering and hotel industry business consultant, Michael Hemmelmayer knows the challenges facing restaurateurs today. Events are his passion. Already at the young age of 18, he organized the largest music festival in Upper Austria and later became a partner in an event catering chain.