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When it counts ...

Avance Pay AG is a Swiss high-tech company founded by specialists in the field of electronic transactions and financial services. We learned the Cashless Payment Business from ground up and are experts in this field. Since 2011, we have ensured that our customers' trust in the innovative Cashless Payments solutions pays off throughout Europe. It's primarily event and festival organizers, stadium operators and sports clubs that depend on us, but more and more are restaurateurs and tourist offices are discovering the benefits as well.

This year alone, we have handled more than 60 events - at times with up to five parallel functions in three different countries. Added to this are the customers who use our solutions permanently in their companies year-round.

Our motto: when it counts... 
As Cashless Payment system specialists, payment solutions and "counting" are our business. With innovative, impressively easy-to-use and secure Cashless Payment products, we offer every customer the precise solution that "counts" for their organization. The result simplifies their daily business and contributes to their success.

That's why Avance Pay Engineering is constantly working to further develop product solutions and consistently focusing on the needs of our customers. We are open to new approaches, and forge ahead with our ideas in order to achieve this aim.

...when it counts, is a clear mission for us all - so you can always count on us!