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  • The Avance Pay management team is comprised of leading experts with many years of experience with electronic transaction systems.

  • Peter Danz, Founder, Managing Director Projects & Operations, Board of Directors

    Peter Danz has over 20 years of industry experience, primarily in the area of electronic transaction systems. Most recently, he was product manager of the e-ticketing platform at ACS Solutions Switzerland (Xerox, ACS, Ascom).

    Heinz Bircher-Nagy, Founder, Managing Director Technology & Finance, Board of Directors

    For more than 12 years, Heinz Bircher-Nagy has acquired a broad range of experience in the industry. As Technical Project Manager, he was central to the introduction of electronic ticketing systems at ACS Solutions Switzerland (Xerox, ACS, Ascom).

    Dr. Peter Kronegger, Founder, Sales & Marketing, Chairman of the Board

    Peter Kronegger provides valuable expertise, thanks to his experience as a RFID & NFC pioneer. As a serial entrepreneur, he fulfills various functions in several technology companies.

    Herbert Gartner, Business Angel, Board of Directors

    Herbert Gartner is a successful hi-tech serial entrepreneur. As a business angel, he provides support for several start-up companies in the high-tech sector.

    Johannes Lippert, Partner, Strategic Sales & Partner Mgr.

    RFID and application specialist for sport and major events. After a successful management career at a leading global systems provider, where he was responsible for building up the RFID and ticket event business, he joined the International Sports Consulting field.